WTM 2018 - global meeting place for travel trade!

WTM 2018 - global meeting place for travel trade!
WTM 2018

WTM 2018 has been once again successfully organized. The event held from 4th – 6th November had truly inspired hundreds of companies in different tourism sectors, especially those who are finding Worldwide chauffeured service.

The WTM 2018 is a precious chance for QUp to learn from leading experts and broaden networking. Technology providers like QUp had interesting conversations to share ideas big and small as well as technological innovations. Like other shows that previously occurred, this event left a long-lasting impression as we had the chance to see what’s new and meet up with thousands of potential customers.


What makes this year’s even more memorable is that QUp got entry to negotiate business with transportation product seekers worldwide. This unique section offered meetings between quality buyers seated by geographical regions and product type to have conversations with exhibitors who are eager to innovate the ever changing travel industry. This section proved to be helpful since we were able to multiply new contacts and find potential customers globally.

QUp had great honor to introduce our premium software solutions for DMCs/TMCs/OTAs/… who are seeking a modern yet profitable way to deliver passengers’ travel activities. Our featured booking tools provide multiple creations and managements of itineraries to connect your customers to Worldwide Chauffeured Service. Many DMCs/TMCs/OTAs across the verticals have partnered with QUp and rely on our professional, trust-worthy and secure platform for the surge of their businesses. We believe that our team of passionates and high-end chauffeured service will be the key to your business’s success!

With existing network in more than 220 cities and over 35,000 bookings being processed, QUp is confident that our Global Solution can offer full coverage service no matter where your customers go. Our worldwide chauffeured service will transport your employees, clients,…safely, punctually and in great style.

Join QUp now to be able to experience the service that will exceed your customers’ expectations. We take pride in providing the unique travel solution that make your activities no longer a complexity.