Uber South Africa: Violence erupts as two Uber taxi's petrol-bombed

Uber South Africa: Violence erupts as two Uber taxi's petrol-bombed

The latest violence between Uber South Africa and local taxies

On Friday, September 8th 2017, the South African transport minister Joe Maswanganyi has denounced the clashes a day earlier between metered taxi drivers and two Uber drivers in Johannesburg. The three vehicles were set alight near the Sandton City shopping center, a popular pick-up point for taxis where several previous attacks on Uber cars have been recorded. It still was not clear who torched the vehicles.

But that was not the whole thing. Violence has erupted after the attack. According to reports, a group of Uber drivers retaliated and headed towards meter taxis with stones in their hands, causing damage to the car’s windscreen. This is so far the latest violence between ride-hailing service Uber South Africa and traditional taxies.

Police has blocked off roads in Sandton outside the Gautrain station as they tried to contain a feud between metered taxi drivers and Uber drivers. Taxi drivers have regularly targeted Uber drivers in Johannesburg, where they often compete for passengers. They accuse Uber of stealing business and competing unfairly due to low fares.

People are ‘scared’ after Uber South Africa’s clash

The customers are feeling so unsafe stepping into Uber’s car after endless string of street attacks over the recent weeks. Worse more, the country is also distressed about the potential negative effect of these incidents of violence between two groups on the tourism industry.

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