Uber service failed to fuel its Europe operation blaming strict laws and big rivals

Uber service failed to fuel its Europe operation blaming strict laws and big rivals

Uber has paved its path into dozens of countries, backed by billions raised in venture capital and the board’s global ambitions. But today, Uber’s position on the whole world stage is in doubt. Reason is, while traditional taxis and limos are already equipped with the required technology and facilities, Uber service is based on personal drivers using their own vehicles as taxis and smartphones as the meters. Thus, it is harder for the company to comply with the laws, especially in Europe. Uber has faced problems in Madrid, Frankfurt, Paris and London. A couple of months ago, the company halt its operation in Denmark following the introduction of new taxi laws, marking the latest European setback for the San Francisco giant.

Indeed, Uber may be among the most powerful ride-hailing brands globally, but in Europe markets, Uber service has already unfurled the white flag to a number of local rivals, including Gett, mytaxi, Taxify,…


Gett has expanded into other UK cities over the past 12 months, and eventually plans to roll out the fixed fare strategy to these places when the time is right. Now a big guy with a valuation exceeding $1 billion, Gett gained early traction with corporate customers who used the service for black cars. Today, Gett is especially popular in places like London where people use it for hailing taxis.


Taxify plans to use the cash injection from Didi Chuxing to expand its markets in Europe. The company already defines itself as the fastest growing transport app in Europe, with 2.5 million customers in 18 countries, mostly in Eastern Europe. Didi’s contribution will be on the back-end of Taxify, allowing them to monitor when and where their drivers are most profitable to beat Uber service in the long run.


Founded in 2009, MyTaxi today claims 10 million downloads across 50 European cities, with 100,000 registered drivers on board. Last summer, MyTaxi merged with U.K. etaxi company Hailo.

That’s not the whole thing, the company also snapped up Greek rival Taxibeat. With this acquisition, MyTaxi has bolstered its own service by around 500,000 riders and 8,000 drivers.

Your turn to be the Uber service’s next rival

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