The unrelenting downward slide of Uber and Lyft's reputations.

Is this the right time to buy?

Uber vs Taxi
Uber vs Taxi


Stock investors who expect to rake in big profits on the soaring share prices of Uber Technologies and Lyft when they go public should think again, according to a detailed analysis by industry expert, Joseph Vitale.  He also notes that Uber and Lyft aren’t solving the congestion problems that cities want to solve, rather, they are actually contributing to them.

Gig-worker, uber, lyft drivers on strike

Furthermore, Uber and Lyft’s notoriously ambiguous wage policies have triggered vigorous debates among drivers.  Francois Aure reflects that, “Pay is a delicate tightrope for the two ride-share giants”. It appears that recent changes made to the driver bonus structure are dimly viewed by the drivers. All in all, the confluence of driver pay and diminishing bonuses seems to raise palpable conflicts between Uber and Lyft and their “employees.”


IPO valuations are largely viewed as cover for the huge debt balances of these two ride-hailing unicorns. Both Uber and Lyft are notorious money losers with no real prospect of turning a profit any time soon, while simultaneously piling up mountains of debt in recent years. While struggling with debt and the absence of profitability, Uber and Lyft are engaged in labor conflicts while drivers fight to secure sufficient wages for rent and basic living needs.

With the proliferation of Uber and Lyft drivers in large metropolitan areas, individual driver pay has sharply fallen, further exacerbating the challenges faced by these companies.


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