Uber London ban: Chance to get your OWN apps and REPLACE Uber!

Uber London ban: Chance to get your OWN apps and REPLACE Uber!

TfL: Uber London has the bad outweighs the good

London’s regulator said it wouldn’t renew Uber London’s license to operate in the city. The reason is because the company’s “approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility”. The Transport for London (TfL) has raised big concerns about Uber’s approach to reporting serious criminal offences, background checks on drivers and software. This could potentially block regulators from getting full access to the app. Also, they expressed worry about their people’s safety when using the car-hailing app as scandals are being recorded from time to time.

The loss of Uber London could allow other apps to emerge

While Londoners could be no longer served by Uber, there are other alternatives that have their ways paved by the US – based giant. One of them is Addison Lee, a car service company rooted from the UK capital. Another one is Kabbee – a booking app that allows users to book London’s minicabs. However, Kabbee hasn’t earned good feedback from users as the ratings on Google Play and Apple Store are just around 2 stars.

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