Chance to make your own empire against Uber!

Chance to make your own empire against Uber!

Drivers of the two big names Uber and Lyft are reported to earn less than 50% as compared to their thriving start in 2013. Here’s the valuable chance to boost your business!

Specifically, these drivers made $783 per month in 2017 versus $1,469 in 2013 according to a report  from JDMorgan Chase Institute. The report also states that in the first quarter of 2014, nearly half of drivers who work for on demand platform such as Uber and Lyft, earned $900 a month or more,  which put a pressure on drivers who are suppose to get rid of these companies sooner or later.

In addition to this drop, Uber has some bad reputation for causing threats to its users’ safety due to some sexually assault reports, which drives many passengers to start to think about choosing another trust-worthy service. This has paved the way for other ground transportation services to take the lead.

So why not grab this chance and knock such big companies down which burn so bright but burn out too soon?We realize that it’s a matter of now or later before the chance’s gone!

Giving the fact that we know it’s time to take action, QUp will give you a hand in making the best use of this chance and make your business become the new empire in app-based transportation service. With More than 180 local transportation companies worldwide have been digitalized under our platform! Chances are here for you to score groundbreaking victory against the world’s most valuable start-up company like Uber and Lyft! QUp has the network of 173 cities, 20 million bookings, and dispatching platform which generated a revenue of $102 million! As a result, We do believe that we can offer you the latest technology from the 4.0 era including: white-label apps and professionalized CC to make the best control of your activities.

Join us NOW to keep up with the up-to-the-minute trend and become the champion in the transportation playground!