Uber closed in Southeast Asia: Time to start your own playbook!

Uber closed in Southeast Asia: Time to start your own playbook!

Grab has taken over Uber to seize control of all share-riding markets in Southeast Asia. Asia as a whole has certainly been tough on Uber, with regional services consistently beating the American giant. Uber already threw in the towel in China, where it swapped its operations for an ownership stake in competitor Didi Chuxing in 2016. In India, the taxi platform Ola stole 3% of the market from Uber just in the second half of 2017, despite Uber’s major push to win there. Ola now leads in market share by more than 15%.

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QUp delivers a powerful white label “all-in-one” technology from advanced dispatching system to WHITE-LABEL mobile apps for passengers, drivers and partners. 173 local transportation companies worldwide have been digitalized under our platform. As a matter of fact, Avis Budget Group has standardized all of their Chauffeur Drive platform with QUp after they evaluated the top 35 technology vendors.

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  • WHITE-LABEL mobile apps for Passenger and Driver
  • RIDE SHARING service
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In less than a week, our partner MyCar has reached more than 17,000 registered drivers, and over 150,000 passenger apps were downloaded. They are successfully taking the ride-sharing market by storm and utilizing 100% of QUp’s proven dispatching platform in their operations.

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