Uber CEO resigned: The future has been more certain for QUp and its fleet partners

Uber CEO resigned: The future has been more certain for QUp and its fleet partners

According to The New York Times, Uber’s co-founder Travis Kalanick has quitted as CEO at the behest of five major Uber investors, including venture capital firm Benchmark, who requested for Kalanick’s immediate resignation in a letter titled “Moving Uber Forward“.

Uber seemingly endless scandals

This announcement should be the results of Uber’s endless string of scandals and social controversies over the last six months. Kalanick and his biggest fortune have suffered a months-long dramatically hard time. Troubles first rose in January 2017, when a boycott (with the hashtag #DeleteUber) swept across the social media as the company tried to profit from a taxi driver protest against President Trump’s Muslim ban. Over the next month, the netizen witnessed a tell-all blog post by a former engineer named Susan Fowler revealing the bitter work environment and multiple incidents of sexual harassment she endured at Uber. Then came a lawsuit from Google about stolen intellectual property toward the company, along with a damaging video of Kalanick fighting with an Uber driver who complained about his wages’ unfair decrease.

Uber: Facing the hardest part

First, Uber is a company with no CCO, CFO, CMO or president. The situation is getting even worse as the company has been run by a committee of executives since Mr Kalanick’s leave. Uber must find a new top executive who can help improve its public image and “Moving Uber Forward”.

On top of all that is Uber’s challenging business situation. The company lost $2.8 billion in 2016 and another $708 million in the first three months of 2017.

Big chance of victory for all taxi and limo fleet owners

Travis Kalanick’s resignation could force his company to cut its aggressive spending to gain market share, boosting your chances in putting efforts into high gears and retaining market leadership. And the QUp Dispatching System will be all you need! It is a powerful white label “all-in-one” technology from advanced dispatching system to customized mobile apps to transform the personal and corporate travelers’ experience. Thus, we secure your market share in this valuable demographic while keeping Uber and Uber –like permanently at bay.

QUp was already off to a beautiful start in 2017, and the year is getting better by the day, if not the hour, with the deployment of Avis Chauffeur Drive Platform fueled up by QUp technology, proving the fact that QUp is the best choice over 35 technology vendors standardized by Avis.

More than 150 local transportation companies worldwide have been digitalized under the QUp Dispatching Platform. With one more fleet singing up in Ghana, we are enthusiastically expand our footprint for the sake of our fleet partners. Find QUp in every corner of the world and grab this ONE-OF-A-KIND opportunity to be the leader!

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