QUp Dispatching System: Empower Taxis and VTC with more than just Uber’s tech!

QUp Dispatching System: Empower Taxis and VTC with more than just Uber’s tech!

Uber is building up its business at a disturbing rate for 7 years now, driving the traditional transportation industry into a free fall. While Uber and other taxi companies are fighting over different regulations in court everyday out there, you can lay your belief in the form of a top-notch dispatch technology that can beat Uber at its own game – the QUp Dispatching System. In recent news by Latribunte, France market has strongly proven the fact that QUp is doing well to save the big taxi and VTC industry from slinging the mud. Reason is, of course at the end of the day, Uber’s tech is obviously NOT all you can have!

It’s about your BRANDING, not just the Uber’s tech

It’s no secret that Uber have changed the landscape of the traditional taxi industry. They connect customers with the drivers en route via an app. At the end of the ride, passengers don’t have to deal with payment — the app takes care of it. But it is not the thing, while Uber has one brand and one dispatching system, QUp and its white label app solution can give fleets TOTAL control of their management and BRANDING. You own a complete suite of brilliant custom-branded apps for Passenger, Driver and Dispatcher, designed to boost your personal visibility from Day One.

Your drivers can be treated better

Then, if Uber’s tech is no longer the company’s private asset, which is left for them to make a difference? That is, the driver. Unfortunately, this seems to be another new challenge. Uber drivers are on a dead-end road when 97% of Uber drivers quit before a year, according to Uber’s own info.
So, it’s a fighting chance for you! QUp dynamically offers advanced driver signing up and management system as well as beautiful apps to get your professionals millions of passengers on the go!

Customers are way too fed up with Uber scandals

Uber has had a seemingly never-ending string of missteps, from its controversial CEO to questionable tactics and sexual harassment claims. The fear of lack of safety became increasingly prevalent as Uber’s customers have to face many threats day after day. In addition to that, how much an Uber will cost their customers involves a mysterious combination of speed, distance, availability of cars in the area which can be really confusing and frustrating.
It is obvious that you can do much better. The QUp dispatching system is your perfect choice when it comes to customers’ convenience and safety. Your customers can get to know their drivers in advance and track their routes for a quick secure pickup, under the guarantee that they are being served by a fleet of dedicated licensed and professional drivers.

By one way or another, QUp Dispatching System is placing all the Taxi and VTC professionals on an equal footing with their biggest competitor: Uber. More than 150 fleets worldwide have been digitalized under our system, including Avis Budget Group with the deployment of its Chauffeur Drive Platform for their corporate customers.

Why wait to grab a chance to improve your business and stay competitive?

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