Ridesharing in the 21st century – big benefits recorded

Ridesharing in the 21st century – big benefits recorded

Ride Sharing services like Uber and Lyft have put giant change to the transportation landscape by providing private access to fleets to cars. Researchers have found that the services have both pros and cons, with one of the major benefits being the opportunities they provide for social interactions between riders and drivers.

Cities could actually learn to incorporate ride sharing into the civic infrastructure. Ride share could be used to supplement station stops, where customers need another mode of transport to reach their final destination. Cities could allow ride share cars similar lines used by public transport which would increase their efficiency as well as help ease traffic, or in extreme instances, create dedicated ride share lanes and lines.

Benefits of ride sharing

  • An alternative transportation – With the evolution of technology, lots of alternative transportation methods have been made available to travelers. This means that nowadays people can approach everywhere conveniently and easily. What’s more, people who don’t have enough money to purchase a car, or who may have their car in the garage, would otherwise have to travel by bus, train or taxi in order to go shopping, to school, work or some other place.
  • Cost effective – If you have ever had to take a taxi and got caught in traffic, then you know the dreadful feeling of watching the meter tick. Ride sharing is cheaper than taking a taxi since you can have more than one person sharing the ride and also the cost.
  • Ease of getting a ride – If you are thinking of catching a taxi at a taxi rank, you may find yourself having to wait for a taxi to swing by. Additionally, should there be others waiting for taxis, you would have to wait your turn. If you are running late, this can be a major stressor. With ride share, all you have to do is use your app to locate a ride close to you.
  • Drivers who are friendly – Ride sharing drivers are very friendly and with the app, you are actually able to rate your driver as well. This will generally keep the drivers in check because nobody wants to get a negative review. The fact that the app tracks the car means that most people feel safe and over time build a trustful relationship with the said drivers.

Below are some infographic on ride sharing:

Source: Ridester

What QUp is trying to do is creating a strong and healthy ride sharing environment for all of your valued customers. Once a ride is shared between people, they will be enjoying a more convenient and economical way of travel that is becoming the 21st century ‘s transportation trend.