Ride-sharing model is predicted to have a leg up over taxis!

Ride-sharing carpooling

Today, it can be concluded without any doubt that ride-sharing model has become more and more popular among many types of travelers who use the service for a variety of purposes: a well-vetted and professional driver, a modern and private vehicle, a precious and convenient navigator, and increasingly, a backup in every event when public transportation fails. In contrast to other modes of transportation, ride-share services have done their utmost to virtually guarantee a set of commandments: good price, high safety and high-end service!

There’s a bunch of reason for the ride-sharing model blooming. First, the original business model was not preserved. There’s a reason this mode of transportation is referred to as “ride-sharing.” The idea is to share, not to rent or ply. The very first concept was for private car owners to make their vehicles available for other travelers who needed to travel on the same route. The proposition was something along the lines of “make money while you drive to your office.” This wasn’t meant to be a full-time job for drivers. The app was simply a way to connect car owners who had empty passenger seats, with commuters who didn’t have a ride but were headed in the same direction. It was supposed to be a win-win situation: The car owner would make some extra dough, and the roads would see fewer vehicles as the setup essentially promoted carpooling.

There is no denial in the public mind that ride-sharing model and its following apps will eventually have a leg up over taxis. It may sometimes cost you more in a big place like New York City, but it is a small price to pay for efficiency and reliability. Meanwhile, Grab is preparing to roll out a service called GrabHitch, which the TNC describes as “social carpooling.” This means private motorists can pick up riders who are traveling in the same direction, and ask these riders to share in the fuel expense.

So it’s never been too late to dig up the wonderland of ride-sharing! Team up with QUp today to build your ride-sharing app responding well to the market demand. Your customers must ask for it!