QUp new feature release – Uber just got new ride-sharing competition!

QUp new feature release – Uber just got new ride-sharing competition!

The QUp product development team has been working night and day to add more impactful value to our fleet partners’ prosperity. After receiving feedback and looking into given suggestions, we have incorporated them into a new feature in the next version of the QUp Chauffeur Drive Platform: The RIDE-SHARING.

And yes, Uber just got a new ride-sharing competition!

We now discover how to cash in on the growing transportation market! Let us help you tap in and get an edge over other rideshare services as a more global firm!

Ride-sharing – also known as an alternative transportation programs, has a lot of good effects. It substantially reduces traffic congestion, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and can save millions of dollars in commuting and parking costs. However, matching thousands, even tens of thousands, of travelers with rides, keeping information up to date and generating the many required reports are challenging, time-consuming tasks.

The QUp ride-sharing feature enables fleets to easily put their existing vehicles to a more productive use! There are several reasons for a fleet to turn a normal ground transportation service into an innovative ride-sharing one:

  • Optimize the vehicle’s usage
  • Set up a sustainable image for your fleet
  • Become more smartphone-friendly
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce vehicle costs by allowing private trips
  • Decrease administration effort

Global Plug and Play

QUp Ride-sharing system is available in the cloud. It is accessible from anywhere at anytime without installation. Bookings can be made via the app on your customer’s smartphone as well. The Cloud allows us to scale the software easily, run updates regularly and ensure a solid performance. No matter how many vehicles you have. Data storage in the cloud is safer than most local installations.

Whether you run ride-sharing service for one area or an entire region, QUp ride-sharing platform offers an easy-to-use solution that manages and delivers it well. Together with our flexible terms and additional location services, we provide a great foundation for modern transportation fleet world-wide!!!

Want to cut down on your carbon footprint and fly further in 2018 and beyond? QUp is the right destination for you!