QUp new feature release: Live location sharing!

QUp new feature release: Live location sharing!

QUp’s biggest and hungriest ambition is making its app user-friendly with constant-updated helpful function. Today, the transportation service is pretty handy, so if the customers want to travel from one destination to the other, we also want to make sure that hailing a ride is as easy as a pie. As reported by our fleet partners, one of the most inconvenient parts of the operation is finding the ride. This task can be much more difficult in busy locations. So, we make plans to enhance the possibility of getting a ride with QUp apps. After months of researching and developing, the Live Location Sharing is born!

Yes it’s so true that when the customers are at the mall, airports, restaurants, bars and other busy public locations, it can be challenging for them and the driver to find one another. With live location sharing, The driver can see where the customer is relation to his/her pickup spot. That way, the driver would know whether customers are already at the pickup location or are walking around the corner to reach the car.

Live location sharing can be turned on simply by tapping the ground arrow button in the right corner of the Passenger App screen. When the icon is blue, the location is being shared! Customer can have this turned on or off any time by tapping this icon. Once the ride begins, the live location sharing will be turned off.

Time, value and convenience, you can have it all when you choose QUp! Apart from Live location sharing, we’ve developed bunches of interesting features to elevate the customer experience at every turn. We’re anxious to partner with transportation fleets around the globe and hope we can warmly touch base in the near future! Let us show you how we can empower you in this new mobile economy with our network of 173 cities, 20 million bookings, and dispatching platform which generated a revenue of $102 million!