QUp Dispatching Technology: Ready to take on biggies with more fleet partners on the go!

QUp Dispatching Technology: Ready to take on biggies with more fleet partners on the go!

QUp Dispatching Technology is proudly continuing to fuel surge in today taxi and limo transportation business. We are on our way helping fleets to step up the pedestal breaking in parallel with the big guys like Uber and Lyft, thus easing the traffic congestion across the continents. With QUp’s two more footsteps in Indonesia and Curaçao, the way people see “taxis” has been enormously changed!

Amazing apps in white-label with Indonesian language supported

It was such a big delight to spark up a new departure in Indonesia! QUp provides you with finest native mobile apps for iOS and Android, branded to your company name that will take your business to the next level of excellence. What’s more, it is a fact that the app-based taxi and limo market is a strong force driving the push to internationalization. Thus, QUp is aiming at bringing benefits to both English and non-English travelers around the world. Apps are tailored for various languages including Bahasa Indonesia for your individual and corporate customers to schedule their travel wherever they live with the QUp Dispatching Technology. It’s so real that your gorgeous white label apps with bunches of advanced features are here to set you apart from others!

QUp Dispatching Technology: One more touch in Curaçao

Along with the Indonesian kick-off, our global expansion path has been nicely reinforced with another fleet presence in Curaçao. QUp Team strives to disrupt the next generation of ground transportation and bring growth to every fleet we serve. Now it is doable to discover our exclusive white label apps right in the beautiful country of Curaçao and hit the roads with your fleet of dedicated licensed and professional drivers!

Drop us a line for a LIVE DEMO of the QUp state-of-the-art Dispatching System and see how far we can go together!