QUp dashboard keeps up with the latest transportation trend

QUp dashboard keeps up with the latest transportation trend

How many times have you desperately tried to extract, record data in spreadsheets so that you can have an overview of your work so far or get some kind of report? QUp’s soon-to-be released tool DASHBOARD will help you solve the problems and make your business advantageous.

In today’s thriving global economy, especially transportation , where the distances have never been shorter and where the customer is always more used to instant satisfaction, it would be way easier using dashboard, find the correlations and make further decisions for your next steps.

Business dashboard has been known for years for its useful management benefits. Through the vivid use of data visualizations, QUp dashboard simplifies complex data sets to provide users with at-a-glance awareness of current performance. QUp’s partners now can see if they’re doing right or not and where you need to improve thanks to more manageable chunks of real-time information, therefore boost your business’s performance.

Here through QUp brand-new dashboard illustration, fleets and customers as well can keep track of work with key performance indicators visualized in the most effective way, without any hassle

With the combination of indicators such as: numbers, line and pie charts categorized by different colors and latest design, QUp dashboard is bound to be a useful tool for regularly keeping track of your performances with ease.

Some out-standing features that will be offered in our next updated interface:

DAILY FLUCTUATIONS of total revenue, booking requests, and the number of customers

HOURLY CHANGE of revenue and profit with distinctive line indicators.

– “OPERATOR ACTIVITIES” SECTION which helps to closely and accurately keep track of the management activities.

If you think we can give you a hand in professionalizing your business, join us so that we can have the honor to serve you better. You’re all welcomed by QUp’s passionate team.