Discover QUp's brand new dark mode Command Center

Discover QUp's brand new dark mode Command Center
QUp Command Center Dark Mode

QUp recently updated our UI. Particularly previous version has been replaced with our dark mode Command Center interface. What are the reasons?


Team QUp have worked so hard behind the scenes and make your comfort-to-the-eye become reality. Therefore, dark mode UI will be introduced as a tool for uplifting the efficiency of users’ daily routines. Our dark mode Command Center will improve readability of text since it better creates contrast between design including figures, statistics…and its dark background. There’s nothing better than reading a white text on a black background. Additionally, it will reduce pain to the users’ eyes especially those who are sensitive to light exposure. Many dark mode lovers use their devices at night and claim the benefits of this have been extremely useful. For those users, it can be a life-saver over time. Another reason that led us to replace the old interface with this up-to-date dark mode is: We aim to allow the contents which show your dominant information to stand out while the other surroundings recede into background. This helps to save your time since your eyes won’t be strayed from important information. KPIs trackers will be able to ignore distractions and focus on what matters most. You will be able to speed up our workflow and save time for other important decisions.


Dark colors are usually associated with elegance and mystery. That is why black is often linked with elegance, formality, and power. As a result, you will find that our dark mode dashboard can create a professional look for your everyday tracking activities. You’ll be able to be your own boss with the assistance of our custom-made Command Center.

Last but not least, dark mode interface has also been proved to save battery life. Specifically this new design helps to save up to 50% of battery life.

We are confident that this latest design will blow a fresh look to your working style. QUp’s fleet partners will not only enjoy the full functions but also be able to experience the new look without any EXTRA fee!