Planning to develop a taxi booking app? A few must-have features!

Planning to develop a taxi booking app? A few must-have features!

User-friendly interface

Having a simple, easy to use interface is one the most vital features that every dispatching application must have. Users should be able to understand its workflow in an instant and use the app smoothly without spending so much time or going through many steps just to make a simple ride request. In this fast-paced modern life, customers prefer a quick and simple dispatching solution that minimize their efforts and offer best features, which means: book and go! Hence, a poor design, cluttered app with complicated flow and time-consuming won’t make your users stick around for long.

Map integration/ Navigation/ Tracking

Real-time tracking and navigation is the heart of a dispatching system around which everything else is built on. As application is integrated with GPS, current locations of passengers and drivers are identified, paths are drawn, movement of cars can be tracked, and cost of the ride as well as the ETA (estimated time of arrival) can be calculated.

Among them, real-time tracking give users a peace of mind no matter wherever they are. Imagine their children or loved ones commute home at late night, it is important that their friends and family can track the car and a reliable taxi and limousine dispatching app should have such a feature.

Payment integration

This is the crucial part of an online dispatching system. Passengers should have the ability to choose payment methods as the wish and using credit card should not be a default setting regarding senior citizens and teenagers, or those in some rural areas. Paying with credit is more preferable though as a trip is completed, payment is withdraw automatically through the payment gateway. Currently, our QUp’s dispatching management software is integrated with Braintree and Stripe, the world’s most popular and reliable payment gateways to make sure that the functionality of payment performs flawlessly and that robust security, confidentiality, transparency and integrity are provided to our valued users.

Multiple languages

A white label app should also support many several languages as we believe that most transport operators reach out to the global scale and serve international passengers. Booking a ride in their own language is not a nightmare any longer and it helps to solve the language barrier.