Miss Uber? Hirna will take the turn

Hirna Taxi in Philippines
Hirna taxi in philippines

Uber once led the competition in the ride-sharing business in Philippines due to their highly efficient business model. Now that they’re gone, commuters are once again faced with the same dilemma before ride sharing took off. Philippines taxi companies are now in the need of building a fully branded and customized taxi dispatch app to seamlessly manage their day-to-day operations and grow their business. Hirna is a good homegrown Transport Network Companies.

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Factors like assigning drivers to each passenger, keeping the record of which taxis are available, and their whereabouts need to be done manually in a manual dispatch software. This usually becomes difficult for Hirna as a growing enterprise in the industry.

What’s more, the company cannot measure the efficiency and productivity of the drivers. So, there are chances that the business suffers from under-utilized resources. Eventually, it affects negatively on the ROI.

Thinking of developing their own apps? This will be really expensive and time-consuming, and it even costs Hirna a large deal of resource to run the whole dispatching system. Things will get worse when the company have to manage a team of thousands of fleets as well as E-hailing service in multiple cities. No matter how careful they are, they will soon make a mess.


QUp was engaged to deliver a complete review of the end-to-end business processes identifying key areas of concern. Following client agreement, QUp went on to identify then implement a solution for Hirna. We based on Government requirement to enhance services to fulfill Laws. QUp assigned a deployment team to design a localized business plan to start marketing campaign and strategy to kick off.

QUp Ground transportation Platform
QUp Ground Transportation Platform

Our deployment team helped capture and define business processes then matched these against tech functionality cover Apps and Command Center. Using our extensive deployment experience meant we implemented a case management application, configured, tested and deployed to market within 1 month. We delivered the following:

Services Technical functionality, including:

  • Customized white label Apps – customized passenger and driver apps.
  • Customized Command Center – to support daily operation management, view different reports
  • Customized Partner App – Allow Hirna partners to manage their bookings.
  • Corp Portal – Help Corporates to manage their own corporate transportation service
  • API – Incorporate transportation bookings into the travel industry

Leveraging the QUp platform, we rapidly developed a service for partner to enter the ride sharing market. After 6 months deployment, we became the 2nd largest ride sharing provider in Malaysia. We received over 100,000 requested bookings daily after 11 months.