The International LCT Show is known as the world’s largest annual global convention and trade show in the industry where all the smartest logistic solutions are showcased.

Attending this trade show, without any doubts, costs a fortune as you have to pay for travel expenses, registration fee, exhibition fee (for exhibitor), etc. but nevertheless there are a great deal of reasons to attend such show as it proves that nothing can beat the benefits it has to offer.

Reasons why you should attend a trade show

  • Not only does it bring together hundreds of providers, sponsors, sellers and buyers worldwide in this dispatching industry to one place, but it also showcases a large number of products, services such as dispatching system, taxi apps, limo apps, etc. at the same time. This is an advantage for you to have an overview of the market and the industry by just one go.
  • Most software providers, limousine operators, etc. bring the best of them to the show, it hence is undeniably a place to stimulate new ideas, keep up with the latest trend and innovation. A couple of hours in the show floor, you will be able to examine all the advanced white-label apps, Limousines and Transportation, etc. to roughly compare and evaluate new products, services of your competitors or to place an order and close a contract.
  • It is a huge opportunity for your company to develop and strengthen your image and reputation. In front of hundreds of transportation operators, deliver a bold and inspiring message to let them know that you are serious, trustworthy, and reliable. Draw their attention to your eye-catching modular display booth, impress them with your knowledge and invincible products to make them stay, please them with free booking apps or special offer/discount and it is no longer far from signing a contract.
  • Bring your team with you and utilize all the resources the show offers. By participating in such event, team members can broaden their mind, be highly motivated, and gain valuable experience and knowledge. Those key members then can inspire the whole team, and together you can soar to the whole new level.

This year, QUp World hit a homerun at the 2017 ILCT Show in Las Vegas thanks to all clients and partners who support and put trust in us. We proudly commit ourselves to bring to the table our distinctive ride-sharing technology that will not let anyone down.